Womb Portal

Symbolically the womb is a micro version of the universe…The womb is is vast, expansive and a void..it holds infinite creative life force and power…it is the void, the black hole from which creation is birthed..it is the home that nurtures and grows the seed to be birthed into the physical world for it to fulfil its potential..

Much is written about the yoni and the connecting with, and awakening, her sexual energy, her life force..and this is important..the yoni is the sacred channel, with key gates to be cleared, healed and opened on this pathway to connecting more deeply with the feminine aspect of the divine..the lips, the clitoris, the sacred spot, the cervix each hold gifts for the feminine to connect with, reclaim, enliven and open on this journey inward, this journey home..before each of the gates can fully open physically and energetically, emotional and physical blocks, beliefs that no longer serve, come up to be healed and cleared, as we walk the feminine path of descent..as these blocks are cleared, the heart opens, sexuality and heart reconnect, and the natural flow of the life force, the kundalini, the flow of orgasmic energy is restored in the body..like stones being removed from a dammed up stream..

At this point the feminine is at the threshold..the point of opening fully to her power..the journey has been preparing her for the final gateway..the womb, the source of her power..the infinite source..the portal that connects her to the divine feminine..the portal that connects her to the power of the earth womb and the cosmic womb..the place of infinite creative potential, where all things come from and go back to..birth and death..the cycles of life..the infinite potential of the great mothers love..Opening to this place, the womb, is a feeling of deep inner connectedness, a feeling of being deeply grounded in the woman self, in the body..a place of feeling centred in and from the womb..and connected to the deep power of the feminine life force in all her forms and expressions..there is an infinite depth and opening to this place that is vast and endless..and a feeling of coming home..a feeling of opening and surrender..a feeling of power and passion..a feeling of heart opening and opening and opening..

She is the source of ecstatic energy, the open womb pulses, and experiences orgasmic waves at a new depth claiming pleasure as her birth rite..orgasmic womb contractions that shake and quake and rock the foundations of all that does not serve love, all that does not honour her home…From this place she does not need to seek safety outside herself, she is safe, safe in the knowing, trust and power of the womb…From this place she does not need to seek love outside herself, she is the source of love..from this place of deep connection with the womb space her authentic voice speaks, she sings primal sounds and is in embodied flow with the mystery of life..the false self must die to enter this place, for this is a place of radical authenticity..this is the holy chalice, the holy grail..and its sacred elixir is the moon blood..the potent fluid that holds the essence and power of her..the elixir that was used by the ancients in ritual and magic..the elixir that when honoured with presence, and embraced consciously, energetically embodies the womb qualities of release, magnification, letting go and descent..

The feminine doesn’t need to be awakened, for she has never gone anywhere, she has not been suppressed or victimised..she is not weak or been forced into submission..it is the disconnection from her that is the source of feminine disempowerment, in men and women..her full force, power and love has always been there..loving us, calling us to remember and open to her and come home..