If you want to overcome your NEEDINESS own your LONGING

Deep in the depths of the feminine (in men and women) is the quality of longing. Just like other feminine qualities such as attachment, home and depth in relating, have been misunderstood by the more masculine ascendant philosophies that value non attachment, emptiness and freedom, the feminine quality of longing has perhaps been misunderstood the most.

The quality of longing comes from the depths of the womb/heart, it is a powerful yearning where the heart and womb ache with soul longing. Longing to merge, longing for the beloved, longing for God/Goddess, or just pure longing. This is also known as the path of the mystic, the path of the heart that deeply longs for the divine as the beloved that breaks the heart open into rapture, ecstasy and bliss. The womb holds the physical power of the feminine (etheric womb in beings without a physical womb) but mostly lays dormant, for many the only awareness of having a womb is during childbirth, period cramps or other gynaecological problems. There is a place beyond this where the womb is consciously and energetically activated. This is part of the feminine mysteries, rituals and traditions practiced in matriarchal times that are starting to re emerge again. An activated womb holds the full force and power of the feminine.

One of the ways of activating the womb is through connecting to and embodying the feeling of longing. Longing, when fully opened into and felt deeply, activates the womb. As we fall more deeply into embodying the feeling of longing, the womb pulsates and opens, we feel the longing deeper, it opens more. Longing is an energetic calling out, a calling to and activates the wombs magnetism. It switches on the wombs ability to magnetise and manifest through calling in with its radiance, rather than the more masculine path of setting a goal and than going out and obtaining it. Longing is a powerful feeling only felt in the depths. It is a deep opening in the feminine.

The shadow of longing is neediness. People are afraid of their neediness and others neediness and so try and not be it or push it away in themselves and others. Judging “She is so clingy, she is so needy”. The more we push away neediness, the further it falls into the shadow, the more it controls us and the more disconnected we become to the womb and the feminine.

If you want to overcome your neediness, own your longing. Opening into neediness, feeling neediness, feeling through the contraction, the fear and the powerlessness of neediness opens through to a different place. Opening through neediness breaks us open to our longing. In neediness there is contraction in the body, in longing there is exquisite sweetness of being fully alive and pulsating with feminine essence. With neediness we project the feeling out towards an outer other that can fall into enmeshment or wounded relating.

When we open to our longing it goes beyond the other into deeply connecting with ourselves and the source of our true longing. For what we are truly longing for is the beloved, the divine, connection to our wholeness and the deep longing of being here now in the embrace of each moment. The longing to be penetrated by presence, penetrated by life, penetrated and at one with the divine. Through longing we can open fully to the moment, to ourselves, to life. Through longing the womb opens and breaks open the heart into deep rapture. Through longing she knows herself as love. Through longing the feminine finds her way home.