Sisterhood taboo

I see women longing…longing for connection and belonging amongst each other. Longing for sisterhood, longing to trust where deep down they feel distrust, longing to feel safe with each other.
My experience is at the bottom of this longing is a deeper longing for connection with the great mother, the feminine archetypes. The divine feminine as mother and sister, dark and light, in her fullness.
The only way to open fully to this connection with the divine feminine is through the core mother wound. The core mother wound as child with birth mother and as birth mother with all the challenges and potentials for feelings of failure, rejection and deep shame of mother in her humanness.
This is the source of the longing, this is the source of distrust, this is the source of feelings of betrayal, rejection and abandonment. This is an initiation of descent into and through, to open the channel of direct connection with the earth and cosmic wombs. There is no way around core wounds, the only way is through, it is only at the bottom of the descent that the opening happens and we are able to access and connect directly to the great mother, the infinite source of love, connection, nurturing, nourishment, compassion and trust.
Without the knowing of this pathway, women try and heal the best way they can. One way is to try and consciously or unconsciously heal through sister friendships or sister circles. But often they end up light, fluffy and on the surface with a big shadow lurking underneath of knives and passive agressive venom dressed up in sweetness, or they degenerate into an explosive storm. Either way the unresolved mother wound gets projected out onto the circle or friendship, as the unresolved emotion tries to resolve outside itself and heal through drama. The longing and need for sisterhood connection bleeding from the wound.
This is why there is no real trust. And then sisters try to create trust outside themselves by creating “safe” spaces to be heard, to share, with spoken or unspoken rules, that in reality are not “safe” and eventually someone feels stabbed in the back, gossiped about, colluded against, betrayed, abandoned, alone or sold out. There is no real safety or trust because trying to create it outside doesn’t work.
True sisterhood starts within by resolving the mother wound and more deeply opening to direct connection with the divine feminine. Opening the womb to connect directly with the earth and cosmic wombs and breast wisdom of the great mother. From this place sisterhood is lived and doesn’t need to be created. A woman brings trust and doesn’t need externals to create it. And gatherings of women can truly become loving, nurturing, nourishing spaces sourced from the overflow of inner trust, feminine connection and womb wisdom that each is bringing from their own centre.