Sovereignty, Synergy, Sacredness

The image that comes to me around the relation”ship” metaphor is that in relation”ship” we attract a partner or partners to support us in our healing and so we create either an unconscious container of polarisation, drama and projections or a conscious container of polarisation, drama and projections to activate and heal..the ship fully intact is made up of agreements, attractions from a place of polarisation, structure, enmeshment, dreams, expectations, conditioning..this container, especially when conscious, can serve to create a safe space to explore, heal, evolve, grow up our inner children and show us the parts of ourselves and the inner beloved we are projecting outside of ourself onto the other..

During the relation”ship” journey, bit by bit, parts of the ship drop away, as past wounds are healed, conditioning is released, we bring home the projected parts of ourself and polarisations are brought into the centre..and the safe passage we think this ship is is illusionary..this is a journey of descent down through the personal heart, emotional body and heartbreak and until we feel and heal the core wounds of separation, betrayal, aloneness and abandonment, are broken open to love and merge with our inner beloved.
The ship sails on towards a new land, until the last part of the journey where all parts of the ship have dropped away and there is no ship at all but two people swimming free in the great expanse of the ocean, making it to the new land as their sovereign selves..the two (or more) people may still journey together but it is from a different place..from this place in the new land they are in a place of SOVEREIGNTY, a place beyond conditioning..a place of wild innocence.. connected with themselves and the beloved within..from this place they can move through the world in authentic interrelatedness, discerning from a place of love and freedom what the note of their authentic relating looks, sounds and feels like beyond and loving from their centre..experiencing attraction and resonance from their centre..and the upwelling of what is true for them and the other in the moment to moment mystery of life..
From this authentic interrelatedness, connection can flow through this network of sovereign, love, creativity, archetypes, wisdom and resources can be transmitted and shared through this interrelated network of sovereign beings relating authentically, moving as one organism, through the principal of divine SYNERGY..a field of people in their centre, feeling what is authentic, true and what wants to be revealed in the field of this field trust just is, it doesn’t need to be earned, it not longer needs a long list of agreements or hours of processing conversations or particular actions to create becomes palpable, it can be shamanically felt in the primal activated shamanic animal body connected with the heart and the spirit of divine love.
From this field of love where people are living from their sovereignty and in synergy with each other SACREDNESS is birthed..sacredness of the moment, sacredness of what wants to be created and birthed, and brought through this sacred union..sacredness of authentically living as embodied love..