Womb and Phallus

My womb is the source of my ecstasy, power, my feminine being.  It is a portal to the earth womb and the cosmic womb, the feminine aspect of the divine. The cosmic womb is the universal womb of infinite love and creative life force, the void, the black hole from which all is birthed. The earth womb is the earth mother energy, here to hold, nourish, nurture and ground us as we are here now, having this human experience.

One framework, in trying to define the undefinable, is that the divine has a masculine and feminine aspect. As an unique expression of the divine each person also has a masculine and feminine aspect or energy. Each woman has a womb and an etheric phallus, each man a phallus and an etheric womb. When we embody the truth of the sacred sexual mysteries, sacred union within, womb and phallus merged and surrendered in sacred union to each other in love and unity, we can truly live love and freedom.  Living from this place we no longer need to search outside of ourselves to fill an unending hole but instead attract and magnetise people and experiences that are a reflection of who we already are in our wholeness..to share, birth, create and experience what is already within.

The  womb is dark, filled with the dark light of mystery, magic and power. Connected to the heart she overflows with love. Her creative force births love and freedom in the world and nourishes it with the overflowing milk and honey from the breasts. SHE yearns and longs to be filled by HE, his phallus, his sacred seed connected to his heart, that seeds love and freedom in the world.

She calls him with her magnetic life force. She opens and welcomes him when he arrives at the temple door. She opens to receive him, each of her temple gates surrendering, one by one, in ecstasy to him. He reaches the womb opening feeling her drawing him in. He knows he has to die to all that doesn’t serve him to enter this gate and she knows she has to open and surrender all of her being, and die to her false self, to allow him to fully enter.

He ravishes her with his love, facing his fears of losing himself into the free fall of her but finding himself instead..She opens the final gates and surrenders, facing her fears of powerlessness and losing control, but discovers her true empowerment and all the textures and expressions of SHE instead..her womb opens fully, inviting him into the void, the depths of her darkness, the mystery of SHE. They dance in the dark light together.

He ravishes her and she opens into endless waves of ecstasy, as he penetrates her womb, her heart, her soul, her being with his seed of masculine essence, mission and love. And from this complete merging and union their spiritual child, their creative potential,  is conceived, nurtured, nourished and birthed into the world.

Once he dies to his own womb and connects with the divine feminine, he never leaves her. In connection with her, his mission is embodied and in his heart, inside himself, alive and vibrating,.. It is coming home to the womb that he finds the peace and freedom that he seeks..he no longer needs anything outside himself to validate himself externally and fill the void inside.. his every moment becomes an expression of his love, purpose and presence..and then he can truly show up and penetrate the world as his embodied mission..

When She dies to her false self, to enter and embody the womb,  the home that she offers with sacredness and creates with her whole being is felt deep inside her, anchored in her womb and the womb of life and the cosmos, infinite love…she has no need for anything outside of herself, as the divine masculine coming home brings her the fullness and connection that she seeks..and She radiates beauty as she flows in the mystery, penetrated and opened by each moment, vibrating and alive with life force.. Womb and phallus surrendered to each other in love and freedom.