Red Earth Temple is a land of wild innocence…a place to delve into the feminine mysteries and learn how to connect more deeply with your wild self. The dreaming of this land is to support the descent into deeper embodiment of the womb and connection with the earth. A place to open into freeing more of your kundalini life force energy, accessing the power of your dragon, connected through the flame of an opened heart. A place to vibrate more fully with the divinity in matter.

Janine Ma-Ree

I spent a large part of my life on an ascendent spiritual path. When I finally listened to my soul crying out, beyond a place I could understand, I let go of my fear stories, and opened to the mystery of the dark and the path of descent. Descent into the body, into the dark recesses of my womb and into the earth. Integrating the dark has brought me home to myself.

I have a passion for the feminine mysteries, the holy dark and the path of the mystic. The womb is the source of feminine power, and a portal to the earth and cosmic wombs. She is the mystery, she is the web of life, she is infinite love. She is the authentic feminine voice. The womb holds codes, that when activated, show us the way home, to ourselves and to the beloved.

A few years ago I founded Red Earth Temple, a living temple of activated wild land. The land is my teacher, my muse and co creator. The acres of Red Earth, combined with the womb canyon thru the centre, and the Wild Innocence of the untamed bush, create a potent shamanic field for deep immersion, ritual and session work.

I support people to bring the polarities of masculine, feminine, light and dark into consciousness and embodiment, so they can live a more integrated life from the heart centre and follow the ecstatic current that emanates from that place.

I offer Shamanic Womb Journeys, Immersion days, private sessions, and facilitate as lead faculty with International School of Temple Arts, I also offer other workshops as they emerge.

I draw on over 25 years experience in wholistic health as a practitioner, presenter and facilitator as well as the many mentors, guides, teachers and experiences that I have been gifted on my life’s path.

Ad Dip App Sc (Nat), post graduate courses in Bioenergetic Medicine, Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Hawaiian School of Tantra, Shamanic Temple Arts, Sacred Sexuality and Sexual healing, Pomegranate Grove Priestesshood Sacred Mystery School and Initiation Centre.