Janine Ma-Ree has been facilitating transformational spaces for over 25 years. She supports people to live a life of spiritual embodiment, shadow integration, wild innocence, radical love and an ecstatic resonance anchored in the primordial dark beyond polarity. She has a passion for the mysteries of matter, the shamanic and the path of the mystic.

Eight years ago Janine founded Red Earth Temple, a living temple of activated wild land. The land is her teacher, her muse and co creator. The 125 acres of Red Earth, combined with the womb canyon thru the centre, and the Wild Innocence of the untamed bush, create a potent shamanic field for deep immersion, ritual and session work.

Red Earth Temple is a land of wild innocence…a place to delve into the mysteries of matter and rewild the soul. The dreaming of this land is to support the descent into the primordial dark and deepen connection with the core of earth and galactic centre.

Janine created the Shamanic Womb Journey and Ecstatic Menopause work, is dark point holder at Highden Mystery School and the global Temple Trainings, is lead faculty and serves in Wisdom Circle at International School of Temple Arts, and creates/co creates other offerings as they emerge.

She draws on 30 years experience in wholistic health as a practitioner, facilitator and point holder of Spiritual Shamanic spaces and Mystery Schools as well as the many mentors, guides, teachers and experiences that she has been gifted on her life’s path.

Ad Dip App Sc (Nat), post graduate courses in Bioenergetic Medicine, Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Hawaiian School of Tantra, Shamanic Temple Arts, Sacred Sexuality and Sexual healing, Pomegranate Grove Priestesshood Sacred Mystery School and Initiation Centre.