Shamanic Womb Journey

A deep dive into the feminine mysteries…

The source of feminine power is in the heart of matter/mada/mother.
This journey is an embodied descent into the dark light of the womb and her ancient primordial wisdom.
An activated Womb is alive, pulsating, and an endless depth of love, wisdom and power. The womb and her sacred elixir the womb blood creates a portal to the feminine mysteries and a direct connection to the greater She..
On this womb journey, through circle, shamanic ritual and ancient temple arts you will remember how to access and activate the light hidden in the depths of the womb known as the dark light.
You will awaken archetypes and the mystery of She within you.
You will discover and connect more deeply to your primordial wisdom.
You will activate the power of your womb and discover how to open into the feminine hearts natural state of deep rapture.
You will come home to the depths of yourself…

Thankyou for your kindness, encouragement, insight, wisdom and love. Thankyou for embodying the divine feminine. Thankyou for honouring her and encouraging us to do the same. Thankyou for the history you provided on how it came to pass that humanity lost touch with her essence, power and divinity. A fire has ignited inside me to bring her energy into form. To feel so whole, happy, alive and feminine, like I am in a woman’s body for the first time. Thankyou for being such an integral part of my journey of awakening. A.M.

To create higher consciousness around the whole world this is the workshop!! And Janine runs it with the perfect balance of strength and compassion. M.G.

Thank you Janine- feeling so BLESSED for all that you offer and all that you are – you have truly changed my life – a dear friend but also a master at all you transmit & hold with such humility, heart, humour & deep power. In deep honour and gratitude. N.J

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was so hungry for that, and now (amongst many things) I feel like a lioness sitting under the shade of a tree licking the blood from her paws after a magnificent feast..purrrrr. R.S