Holy Ground and Dark Immersion


Holy ground is a 7 – 10 day offering and deep dive into the mysteries of matter. It will be offered on different lands as a prayer and offering to the emerging temples on the planet. We will be exploring land activation, the primordial dark, co creation with the land, creativity arising from the dark and a deep dive with the holy tremble of life itself.

The Dark Apprenticeship will be offered through transmission, shamanic journeys, circle work, creative assignments, daily practices, land and cosmic journeys.


France in July

Northern Rivers in November


This is a seven day journey into the primordial dark for a small group of six people.

This will be a week of upwelling from the mystery. We will have a rhythm of dark immersion and exploration in the morning and then harvest, birth, creation and integration the rest of the day. 

Each morning we will spend time as a group field in a purpose built activated darkroom to immerse, marinate and open into the mysteries of the dark. Each person will also have an option to have extended solo time in the dark room overnight.

We will also journey with wild land, an optional solo night out in the wild and the dark of the night, guided shamanic journeys, rituals with the land and the elements, activated land altars, ritual sauna and hot tub under the stars.

The primordial dark is different to the light/dark in polarity. It is the essence behind both. It is the source of creation and infinite potential, where everything is birthed from and goes back to. It is where the ecstatic, life arise from. It is where love in its pure undifferentiated completeness rests as nothingness and everything. The energy that spins atoms, the world, galaxies.

During this experiential journey we will open deeper access points and pathways to the dark through consciousness, heart and matter. 

Awaken the primordial dark inside your cells and atoms. Open more deeply into vibrational embodiment and attunement. Open creativity portals. Feel your primal nature and ecstatic aliveness. 

This offering is for people who have a level of embodiment, presence and experience in shamanic fields.