This is one on one time for a day or more fully immersing in the Temple Arts and mysteries. Immersion days can be part of your personal growth journey or a one on one mentoring session to deepen in learning the Temple Arts and shamanic mysteries. They may include intuitive counselling, mentoring, private session work, shamanic ritual, womb activation, tantric techniques working with kundalini energy, womb dreaming (feminine vision quest) archetypal work, deepening connection, awareness and embodiment of masculine and feminine energies, land journeys and wherever She leads us on our journey together.

Example of 2-3 day immersion. For the immersion you come to Red Earth Temple, land of wild innocence, the evening before. We begin the next morning with an opening ceremony. We then have a morning session and an afternoon session of anywhere between 2 – 3 hours, for each day you are here. In between sessions you are invited to journey with the land and/or other experiential homework to support your time here and integrate sessions. The setting is 125 acres of bushland with another 500 acres of state forest across the road. There are trails for bushwalking and we have a mountain bike available for off road explorers. There is also a large dam for swimming and mud baths. You can stay in a comfortable self contained cabin, with simple cooking facilities and solar power, 200 metres from the main house for an additional but reasonable fee or alternatively make your own accommodation arrangements in the nearest town 12 minutes away. You leave either the afternoon or the morning after the final day. Cost is per hour for one on one session time.

Immersions are on an application basis based on resonance. Please enquire if you are feeling a calling.

Janine is of the caliber of teachers and people that you don’t come across many times in a lifetime. Her power runs deep and is fuelled by a direct line to the womb of the mother herself. Her integrity is rock solid, her knowledge is broad, and she is also beautifully human. NT