2019 Red Earth Temple Womb Apprenticeship is by application. This is a 9 month  intimate journey with 4 women. Prerequisite Shamanic Womb Journey or Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience level 1 or equivalent in private sessions. If you are feeling the womb call please email for more information.

RED EARTH TEMPLE WOMB GRADUATES                                                                     

Zapheria Bell                                                                                                                       

Completing the Shamanic Womb Apprenticeship with Janine was a pivotal moment in my evolution as a practitioner and as a Woman. She holds a powerful, yet very grounded container that encourages you to open your own channel and bring through your gifts. 
Her teachings and depth of understanding of both the personal and transpersonal allow for transmissions on multidimensional levels concurrently. I felt held and nurtured yet also encouraged to push my edges and stretch myself beyond anything I’ve experienced before. 

I have held 3 epically amazing workshops this weekend and the gifts that came through could never have come without the journey with you. I wanted you to see all these amazing women who just had a small taste of womb activation – as the waves ripple further and further from the doors you opened for us. I know I say it over and over again but I am so deeply grateful for you and the way you guide women to a place of finding our own way with the Womb. You gave me the trust in myself and my channel to birth this work. Having you in my life has opened up an incredible side of myself that I only ever dreamt was possible. I love you dearly.

Zapheria Bell  is a Soul Midwife, Womb Witch, Temple Priestess, Dakini, Spiral Practitioner and Mentor of Leaders. Her Souls mission is to empower Women to stand in their authentic power in the world. Creating life through conscious conception and a deep understanding of the Womb and the keys to the Mystery. Her current offerings are The Womb Spiral, The Evolutionary Woman Program and Ecstatic Bliss Dance.

Tahlia Brand                                                                                                                                 

I first met Janine on an Ista retreat in 2015 and our paths have journeyed together deeply ever since. I completed a 9 month Womb Apprenticeship with her in 2016 and have also assisted on Ista Retreats with her and on a Shamanic Ecstatic Menopause Retreat. She has been a huge mentor for me on my journey and I am indebted to her being in my life and the spaces she has held for me

She has the ability to see your gifts through the shadows and wait patiently for them to unfold and arise, never passing judgement or advice but always from a place of allowing and unfolding. I’ve appreciated her encouraging me to constantly use my Voice in group settings and get comfortable in bringing this gift forth.

Her land (the Red Earth of Wild Innocence) that she shares with her husband is a very special place to journey on and she is cultivating and listening closely to the land to honour the guardians. She works deeply with the Feminine Mysteries and the Womb and is a Pioneer and Unique Voice in this work. Her rituals for me are second to none and boy there have been some fun ones. She takes women to places they’ve never been before but holds them in a sacred embrace.

If you are ready to journey deeply with yourself in the descent and be held safely in that space, to open up to the portals of the earth and cosmic wombs, to journey shamanically, to find your Voice, then I cannot recommend Janine enough.

Shamaness, Sound Healer, Tantrika, Kahuna Massage Therapist

Michelle Hanson                                                                                                                    

From the moment I met Janine in a workshop I knew she would be the one to help me find my own unique connection to the earth and womb. I felt strongly drawn to work closely with her and followed this by participating in her 9 month womb apprenticeship. I knew this was going to be life changing but what I didn’t realise was just how much. What I experienced over the course were tectonic shifts in my being. Diving deeply into wounds, conditioning and ancestory patterns in a way I had not experienced through other deep work. Janine’s work is for those who are ready to face deep layers.

It is not love and light goddess worshiping wearing pretty dresses and makeup. It is dark love and power. There is certainly no bypass in this work. Descending into the core of my being, I was able to unlock magic I always had a sense was there. I was supported by a group of other women who journeyed deeply, creating a bond and connection that is like no other.

The transmissions I received from this work have activated my womb and allowed me to move from a deep place opening portals to the earth womb and beyond. Specifically I was able to activate my magic by descending through many layers. There is a sense of activation support through Janine’s being that resonates with me so deeply. I feel seen and met. Anything I bring to her work is never too much, and is able to be integrated to the heart and embodied in a healthy way – all the darkness, messiness, shame and fears I have brought have been able to be transmuted into deep levels of power.

There is no limit to the depth of transformation. I highly recommend her work for those looking to face and own their unique feminine power in a way that radiates from an embodied place of deep truth and love.

I am an artist, poet, mystic and cosmic witch.​ Being creative is my passion. My pieces come through me. I never sit down and plan what I am going to paint, I allow the expression to form through me as conduit. It is the power, it is the creation – not me. I simply allow. My artwork is inspired by the Mystery, by the Universe. It is inspired by what it is to be human; the love, pain, depths of despair, and peaks of ecstatic bliss.  I paint the dark, I paint the light. I am interested in the full expression. This is my way of life.

Ginja Jacqueline O’Brien                                                                                                                   

I’d never heard of ‘the cosmic womb, or void or dark light’ before meeting you Janine. Im not one to fake an experience either- but with Janine’s guidance I felt that dark light activate way down deep in my silent cells, the COSMIC WOMB birthed life and I fell weightlessly into the VOID. No one there to hold me just the INFINITE DARK LIGHT.
The journey through the gates to the womb was a journey of healing. One which I can relate to many journeys within my life.

Each Gate key reverberated with the experience and memories of each gate, effectively allowing a free flow of breath, sound & movement to RELEASE….These practices sharpened my awareness of my access sense- to FEEL, HEAR, SMELL, TASTE and SEE the infinite breath of the EARTH mother, in all facets of my surrounds and vibrate with the pulse of life energy. 

This 9 month womb journey pushed me to my edges again and again. I had to face the fears that had been held in my body from generations and unravel the mysteries of my own deepest insecurities. I tore down defences that were embedded in my DNA and became friends with my inner darkness all whilst protecting holding new life inside my womb. The strength I have gained from carrying life and death simultaneously is unmeasurable. One which is gently embedded into the lining of my womb and will journey with me to my birth altar and eventually to the altar of my own death. Thank you Janine, you truly are an angel of death in the most loveable way possible. Love always.                                                 

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Ruth Biddlecombe                                                                                                                         

The Shamanic Womb Apprenticeship brought personal-soul healing to the Sacred Feminine energies running through my lineage. This work has enabled me to remember, reclaim and embody generations worth of feminine life-force, wisdom & power.

I am now living a magical life being my soul’s purpose, confident and secure in my worthiness of Divine Love.

Feeling so grateful for the skills & trust in my intuition I’ve developed through the womb apprenticeship. Feeling so much more my true witchy self. Womb power!! 

Ruth is a Sacred Sexual Priestess and Systemic Family Psychotherapist. Passionate about bringing relationships back to safety, harmony and bliss Ruth encourages loving awareness and embodiment of the full spectrum of sexual energies running through humanity. Ruth works with any one or number of people willing to go inside themselves to release internal and relational conflicts. Facebook page womb warriors                                                                                                                                                          


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Jennifer Lee 

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