Ecstatic Menopause

Menopause is supposed to be about clearing old beliefs, transforming life and changing what isn’t working. Being confronted with unresolved issues from the past. Weeding and clearing the garden. Many people leave relationships, change careers, locations and change the places in their lives where they haven’t been living authentically. Its about awakening Kundalini, and the Kundalini coming through to the crown. Hot flashes activating and burning what needs to go for a woman to move through this initiation into her Crone archetypes. Women who have been giving everything outside themselves, and at the expense of themselves, turning inward and awakening to their needs.

But what of the women that have already been on this path. Women that have experienced many years of clearing work, shamanic initiations, deepening ritually with their blood each month and consciously integrating the shadows that emerge. Women whose Kundalini is already awake and flowing through the crown. Is there even more buried or that needs to be moved and changed that is unseen in the unconscious. After all,  we are human and there is always more.Or Is there another way that we have been preparing for? Is there another place to experience in this Shamanic Initiation into Crone and her archetypes of Medicine Woman, Wise Womban, Grandmother, Creative Muse, Eccentric Adventurer, Wild Witch, Mystic Lover, Juicy Crone and Death Hag.

Is it possible that just like ecstatic birth and death there is also ecstatic menopause? Is this where we move from being the physical mother and needing the universal mother to embodying the universal mother? Is this where instead of needing the earth to nourish and mother us, we move more fully into earth lover. An ecstatic love relationship with the earth, a place of maturity fully weaned off mothers milk.

This is an invitation to transform this rite of passage from the old stories and experiences. We collectively have moved through so much of the feminine blocks and distortions. Collectively the feminine is emerging, she is claiming her fullness and her power. And there are powerful embodied women who have passed through this rite of passage in a new way, creating new reference points of juice, alive, vibrant, embodied, woman who have integrated the crone into their being and the gifts they hold and offer. Who no longer project their wounds onto the earth and know what a powerful being Gaia is. A being that is not wounded and dying but has a power, pulse and heart beating at the core that will be here long after we are all gone with our pathetic human attempts to take, endlessly suck from the tit and dominate barely denting the surface.

A womb that is activated and has embodied the womb gates vibrates with a new deepening in the feminine mysteries, and enters this ancient rite of initiation in ecstatic anticipation..opening to the surges of ecstatic current running through through the body..breathing and meeting each moment of change with love, gentleness, presence and fire. A journey inward, a deeper dive into the feminine, into her self, into the dark light, into her soul.

As the body is being prepared, opening, expanding. For what? The unknown that is not revealed until the passage out the other side when she returns with her ecstatic menopausal elixir. To bring back and live as wild earth lover, holding her blood and majick inside and living as her expanded, ecstatic, wise woman, self.

“On your first bleed you met your power, during your bleeding years you are practicing your power, at menopause you become your power. “(Native American Indian saying)